Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anzac Weekend Camping

Had an awesome weekend camping. Click on the title above to see photos. Louise posted them on her blog and since I'm feeling lazy I won't re-post them.
Kaisha came out in spots on Monday which we thought might be measles as she has had a cold and been very cranky over the last few days. I took her to the dr's today and it turns out she has a cold and hives/mosquito/midge bites. She must be allergic to some of the grass she was playing in. So its back to work and daycare tomorrow.


Edna said...

Looks like you had fun. I think food taste so good out like that. I love breakfast on the patio, but usually we are nearly through eating before we think of it. The pictures are good. Hope Kaisha gets better soon.

Justin Louise Reuben and Zeke Kliese said...

thats good its nothing worse! too bad about the lost day, did you get all your washing done...? i did... just, hung the last lot out this morning!