Friday, November 26, 2010


I haven't been using my camera a whole lot lately. The below are just a couple of random shots from the last few weeks. The plan is to actually charge the battery on it and use it especially in the lead up to Christmas. We will be putting our tree up soon and Kaisha is very excited about Christmas and Santa coming. I'm already getting good mileage out of "Santa won't come if your not a good girl" Lets just hope it lasts for the next month!

In other news I now have a replacement at work. Its brilliant! She does all the lab work and I sit at the desk and do all the paper work which means that my sciatica is alot better and I have so much more energy.

More later in the week.....

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kaisha's 3rd birthday.

We had Kaisha's Birthday today. Her birthday isn't actually until the 22nd of December but as she is young enough, and I wanted to have the time to give her a proper birthday, I decided to pick a day and do it early. Below are heaps of pictures of the day, be warned!

A look of delight

on spotting her present from Nana & Grandad

From Laura

And from Mama & Dad

Cooking in the Kitchen. Mama & Dad then went off to get the party ready while Kaisha stayed at Nana's to play with her new toys.

Helping Nana make butterfly cakes

All set up

Presents from Maeve

and Reuben


and Sienna


Blowing out the candles

Helpers in the kitchen

Cookie decorating
Treats to put on the cookies





And Kaisha

Party favours

We all had a great day and Kaisha was exhausted by the end but held up like a trooper. She had fallen asleep tonight before I even got out of the room which is a first.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Its a .........................


We are doing blue this time around. I had my 20week scan today and everything went really well.

This photo was taken by Kaisha and I thought I looked kinda glowing finally. At week 19 the nausea has FINALLY stopped and I am starting to develop a normal relationship with food again. Unfortunately the sciatica is starting to hurt just like it did last time round. Ahh the joys of being pregnant. I'm getting lots of kicks and nudges these days which I love and am still really tired and needing a nap if I can manage it. Yesterday I put a DVD on for Kaisha and went to bed as she was refusing to sleep and yelling the house down. I woke up 40minutes later to this.

Yes that is toilet paper. She had shredded half a roll.

Mango Mango

Fish & Chips at Redcliffe

We had fish and chips at Redcliffe with a bunch of friends last week. The mosquito's were fierce but the sunset was amazing and the kids got on relatively well so a fun time was had by all.