Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kaisha, Kaisha, Kaisha

Kaisha has taken to going to bed wearing a hat. I have no idea why but every night at bed time she has to find her hat before getting into bed.

She also has to take half her toys and dolls to bed too.

One of her favourite things to do is have tea parties. We have at least one a day. I did let her have a proper one with tea once but the little monkey just sat there and ate all the sugar so we haven't tried that again.

Some of you will know that Kaisha went thru a phase last year where she refused to have a bath or shower. Well it has started again. When I announced that she had to have a bath the other night she went all quiet and then disappeared. This is where I found her. The thing that helped last time was going swimming so I am going to have to see if I can find a heated pool around to take her too.

I stupidly left the left over chocolate from the macaroons on the bench and guess who found it!

"I'm eating chocolate, go away mum"


Edna said...

Kaisha, Kaisha, you look so cute in the little hat, you are also looking cute hiding under the bed, I bet it took a long long time to find you to get a bath. :-)) They are so cute and sweet at that age, you just don't want to quit playing.
We finally had some rain last week. Had 3.3" of slow drizzle and water in the lakes looks good to us.
All here are doing fine, how about ya'll?
Love Edna

Reon and Andrea said...

What a little munchkin!! She must have some Bassett in her eating all that chocolate! Her hair is growing so much, it's so cute! xo