Friday, April 23, 2010

Rocky Road Ice Cream

Mixing it up -cream, milk and chocolate on the left, egg yolks and sugar on the right.

The goodies - marshmallows, raspberry bullets and snickers pods.

In the ice cream maker.

Eat me!The verdict - creamy, rich, sweet, chocolatey goodness with soft marshmallows, crunchy, peanuty pods and raspberry bullets that froze so hard you could break your teeth on them. Have to find raspberry jellies for next time or maybe swirl raspberry jam through, the possibilities are endless.

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Edna said...

She wants to wear her robe all the time shows she appreciates it.

OH MY WORD, that Rocky Road IceCream looks so yummy. Rich, I bet it is good and rich, it looks so good.

We have had 4 inches of the most wonderful slow drizzle and we are thankful for every drop. We needed it so badly. Love it, Love it, Love it. When it drys up we will start our garden, we are getting asparagus but it is early. Love it also. eb