Thursday, April 08, 2010


Living in a small house, I'm constantly trying to rearrange things so that it all fits neatly. I think also I have a rearranging gene passed on from mum, she used to rearrange the lounge every 6 months at least. Anyway I have all these ideas of how I'm going to fit things into our house and I have recently pulled one of them off! When Kaisha first started at her Montessori daycare we went to an information evening. Basically the Montessori philosiphy is about setting up kids to succeed in doing tasks on their own. So its about making sure kids have the tools they need in their own size so that they can do tasks themselves. Anyway one of the suggestions they made was to have a toy shelf instead of a toy box. The theory being that when a child sees a toy box they have a curiosity to get to the bottom and then they turn around after reaching the bottom and are overwhelmed by the mess they have made. If the toy is pulled off the shelf, they can see the space where it has come from and know where to put it back. Ever since hearing this I have wanted a toy shelf and finally I have one.

So far it is working really really well. Kaisha is playing with more of her toys and tends to pack them up without me asking. Yay! I think that is daycare's influence coming thru.
In other big news Kaisha has moved into a big girl bed this week! We finally got her bunks painted and put together over easter.
Here Kaisha is "helping" to put the bunks together. The funny expression on her face is her saying cheese.

Here she is sleeping, she only takes up a tiny amount of the bed, you have to look hard to spot her! The pillows are in case she falls out which so far hasn't happened.

And here is a last picture of Kaisha. She came up to me in this get up and told me she was ready to "go to the shops"


Reon and Andrea said...

Love this post. Couldn't stop laughing at the one of Kaisha dressed up ready to 'go to the shops!' Neat shelves to! xxoo

Caroline said...

I loved it too!! Wow she has changed just lately... maybe it's the fact her hair has grown longer? Love the pics, Mel:)

Edna said...

Good morning, That is a neat idea of the toy shelves. Love her pictures.

Matt & Ali Riley said...

Love the shopping outfit, looks like she has got her life sorted at 2 years of age! The bunks look awesome too, I'm very inspired by all your crafty/quilting/sewing ideas, you're a clever little kiwi!

lew n Merle said...

She she taking after here Nana:-)?