Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a fun filled day. We got to rediscover the joy of Christmas again this year as Kaisha is finally old enough to understand about Santa. She was so excited to discover when she woke up that the biscuits were eaten, the coke was drunk and there were only a few bits of carrot left on the deck. And boy did she enjoy opening presents, and helping everyone else to open theirs too. We had a lovely brunch at Anna and Laura's and then desert later.
The tree, all decked out.

Good morning, look what Santa brought! (I couldn't find Kaisha's gorgeous Santa sack that Aunty Jen made her - I'm hoping that it will turn up in my big clean out over the next 2 weeks)

The favourite toy - party blowers

Yum Chocolate! (like father like daughter)

Dolls Clothes - we gave Kaisha a bunch of her prem clothes as dolls clothes. I can't believe she was ever that small!

Fairy plates and cups - Thank you Grandma & Grandpa

Pretending to be grumpy but struggling when surrounded by presents.

A doll's cot, this gets moved to wherever she is in the house and goes right beside her bed at night. We get told "shhh dolly is asleep" regularly.

Playing Barbies - ok I admit it, I kept playing with it when she went on to the next thing.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Southbank Lunch

Last week I met Royal & Ellen Stewart and their daughter'in'law Bethany in at South Bank for lunch. It was a stinking hot day and Kaisha and I got there a bit early so she had a wee swim. We were planning on more swimming after lunch but a massive storm came thru so we sat and watched the lightening instead. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any photos of them which was a bit silly! I made a break for it when it stopped raining and made it to the car park only to drive out into the end of the world. There was water everywhere and scary wind gusts and lightening/thunder. Was quite the experience but we made it home safe.

There is a really neat kids water park that comes on every half hour and squirts water all over the place. Beware unsuspecting parents.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Birthday

I had my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately I came down sick and spent the day in bed with a fever. Two weeks later my throat is still not quite right. Not so much fun but Kaisha completely enjoyed the day. She decorated a cake for me and blew out my candles and opened my presents. Nick took her down to the shops the night before and she picked out a present at crazy clarks a discount store. She was allowed to pick anything she wanted and I was expecting to get a toy of some kind. Instead I got the biggest box of chocolates she could find and a card with balloons on it. Very cute! The only pictures we have is of the cake which we did early in the morning before I started feeling rotten.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kaisha Update

Kaisha is so excited about Christmas this year. We put the tree up at the end of November because she was asking so much. Of course the lower branches get re-decorated every few days. I also get asked every day if Santa is coming today. I'm getting alot of mileage out of "Santa won't come if you don't ......". And turning on the xmas tree lights every night has turned into a ritual where Kaisha starts asking at about 4pm if its dark enough yet to turn the lights on. Eventually at about 6 I let her to stop the nagging! I haven't put any presents under the tree yet because I don't think Kaisha could stand the suspense.

Kaisha made her own sandwich the other day all by herself. First she got her stool and took it over to the fridge and got out the butter. Then she moved the stool over to the bench and proceeded to make her sandwhich. It had sooooo much butter on it but she ate the whole thing.

Kaisha's favourite game at the moment is to make herself a bed. She does it everyday with whatever materials she can find and in whatever location. Then she makes dolly a bed beside her and they both go to sleep. In the picture below Dolly is in the basket with a blanket over the top. She is finally at an age where she will play by herself and spends hours giving her dolly bath's and putting them to bed. I'm loving the independence.