Saturday, May 01, 2010


Is it any wonder she falls out of bed all the time? I don't think I have ever gone in to Kaisha's room once she is asleep and found her properly positioned.

Pizza for lunch.

Kaisha's new wall stickers. Actually she got them for her birthday (thank you Beth)and its taken me this long to get them up. Which is completely ridiculous considering how easy they were to put up!

I'm attempting toilet training at the moment. So far its not going bad or good. Kaisha has awesome control and just hangs on all morning until I put her nappy on for her sleep. Then she hangs on all afternoon and evening til I put her night nappy on. In the past 3 days she has had 1 accident a day and no successes. She is quite happy to sit on the toilet but just doesn't get how to let go. Anyway since its quite easy we will continue and hopefully she will get it eventually.

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Reon and Andrea said...

How's the toilet training going? Great success yet? Love the wall stickers - super cute! Missing stalking you on Skype.
Love A