Thursday, February 23, 2012

Outdoor Games

I don't usually use the backyard much. We have biting green ants, lizards and the occasionally snake (harmless usually) which puts me off. I'm more of an indoors girl I guess, or a sun lounger by the pool girl. But since we left the shade up from Coen's party we have been going out there more. The kids love playing and so far no one has been bitten. Below are a few pic's of playing on the new slide.
Climbing up the slide.

Climbing up the stairs

Meeting at the top

Wheee down we go.

And down she goes, always head first.

"Mama I'm belaxing"

This monkey wants to do nothing but walk.

Usually we find something for him to push.

Kaisha has been saying the funniest things lately. On Sunday someone told her she was very smart and her immediate reply was "that's cause I eat smarties". Tonight she asked Nick if she could marry Coen. When Nick asked why, she said "so I can wear a ring".

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Coen turns 1

Coen turned one this past week. We had his birthday party on Saturday. After throwing a few kids birthdays I'm learning how to do it so that I get to enjoy the party too. Coen at one is a happy boy who is in to everything. He likes to tease his sister and play with power points and cords. He has a few tricks (clapping, waving, blowing kisses) but only does them when he feels like it. He has a sweet tooth and loves fruit. He only really says Mumum but is very close to walking. His favourite thing to do at the moment is hold our hands and walk. He has 7 teeth and weighs just over 10kg (in the 50th percentile).
Setting up

Laughing boy

Farm themed birthday

Table all set up

vanilla pudding

The spread

Singing happy birthday

Hip hip hooray

With mum and dad (Kaisha refused)

Enjoying a cupcake

Present opening

All the kids 'helping'

New slide from Nana and Grandad


What's on my head??

All the kids minus Dexter and Tommy

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


We had a family birthday for Kaisha on the Saturday before Christmas as most of the family were around.
Opening presents

Blowing out candles

Eating the icing off the cupcakes

Christmas was a huge deal this year. Kaisha got right into it. We have started a tradition that the kids get to open a present the night before and it will always be PJ's. Someday I might even get around to sewing them myself. Someday.
Discovering Santa's gifts.

Hooray Santa got me an apple!

Spotting the trampoline

A quiet moment amongst the chaos

Hello handsome

yet more presents

Kaisha & Delta pulling a cracker

Andrea and Kaisha
Coen started pulling himself up on things for the first time on Christmas day. This photo captures my reaction perfectly. Kaisha is a cautious child and doesn't stray far, but Coen is going to teach me to let go of my hovering helicopter mum instincts!

A delicious Christmas dessert.