Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend Fun

The Condon and Kliese clans came over for lunch this weekend. Beau, Reuben and Kaisha had a blast playing together while Delta tried to tag along and Zeke lay on the mat inside. In fact I didn't even get one photo of him. Sorry Zeke! Here are photos of everyone else.
Delta having a tea party.

Kaisha showing Beau her Bed.

Lunch, not quite sure what is going on with Reuben's hair. I think he requested hair ties be put in.

Having iceblocks after playing in the dirt.

Cleaning off in the sprinkler

And here is a photo of Kaisha at 6:15 this morning when she woke up. Those curls sure are a sight in the morning!

And one last photo of my latest craft project. I used double sided iron on interfacing to iron the birds straight onto the canvas. Next time I'm thinking I might try doing a sort of applique shape with batting in the middle so that its raised.


lew n Merle said...

Hi Mel I'm so impressed with all your creative work!:-) Keep it up.Luv Merle

lew n Merle said...

Hi Mel I'm so impressed with all your creative work:-) Keep it up Luv Merle

Edna said...

Good morning, looks like they are having fun, so cute. Enjoy it while they are little, it doesn't last long.
Love Edna

Reon and Andrea said...

Cute, cute, cute!! Can't wait to skype again. Kaisha is growing like a weed! xox