Friday, July 22, 2011

Photo Update

A quick update in photos of life the last couple of weeks. The kids and I are off to MacKay tomorrow to stay with Louise and Justin in Nebo for the week. Its an hour and 40min plane ride. Nick joins us next Friday for the weekend. This is all practise for the trip I'm taking in two weeks time to NZ. By myself. With 2 kids. On Jetstar. Am I crazy or what???? Anyway I'm trying to get all those last minute things done so not too many words this time, but LOTS of photos.

Not that awful camera AGAIN!
Coen has totally found his tongue and has it stuck out most of the time!
Kaisha doing Ballet. For some reason your mouth must be wide open when lifting your leg up.
Happy Birthday Grandad
The Family on our way to Brunch
Nick and Laura
Doting Grandparents
French Toast
Making Nana do Ballet too.
Butter cake with raspberry layers
First Incident report at daycare. Kaisha tripped and stuck her tooth through her lip and grazed her chin.
Winter in Queensland.
Chubby Bubba
Roly Poly

Yes I dressed myself. I know. I look fabulous!
Finally smiles caught on camera. Mum had to get tricky and put him in front of the mirror so it wasn't in his face.

Monday, July 04, 2011


Kaisha and Coen already have a close sibling bond. Wherever we are, whether at home or out, Coen always finds Kaisha and watches her. In return, she looks out for him. If I'm out of the room and he cries or squeals, she will be there, giving him a dummy, rocking his chair or cot, giving him a hug (squish) and letting him know he hasn't been left alone.
Here you go Coen, stop yelling
Today I was sitting in the rocking chair holding Coen over my shoulder. I asked Kaisha if his eye's were closed and she replied "yeeaaahh, he looks so sweetful I'm gonna eat him, yum yum yum" and proceeded to pretend to eat the sleeping baby almost waking him up.
Raise your hand if you agree.
Yes that is a real baby in the pram.
Are you alright baby?

Coen has changed again this week and really found his voice. He likes to talk for hours at a time and it is loud! I'm wondering where my peace and quiet has gone. Sometimes its so loud I'm not sure if he is just talking or if he is complaining. He has enough coordination now to grab hold of some toys and of course shove them straight into his mouth for further exploration. He is really really close to rolling but hasn't quite managed to heft himself over yet. He still loves his baths and we get most smiles first thing in the morning and last thing at night.