Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend

Kaisha came home from daycare and insisted that Coen wanted to watch a DVD with her. They sat like this for 20 minutes while I got dinner on. (She had a pillow on her knee which he was basically lying on).

Easter weekend consisted of................

Cuddles with the kids

Lying outside in the sun
(Okay I admit it was only for about 5 minutes, but there were green ants and they bite.)

Going to the festival of Sails to see the Easter Bunny. Kaisha actually went quiet while we were there. It was hot and there were soooo many people. Not really a kid friendly environment.

We watched the Easter Bunny parachute in.

And collected easter eggs from his helpers.

We got out first smiles - this is a bad photo, will try and get a proper one this week.

And baked cupcake. Thanks to Aunty Janelle for the cool gel colours.

I visited spotlight.

Then made myself a skirt, I was only half following a pattern so I think I unpicked everything I sewed at least once. It turned out exactly how I envisioned it.

Kaisha dragged Coen off to play in her room with her.

And he was left to sleep in his bouncer.

Big blue eyes at 3am.

Coen also moved into his big cot.
Yes he sleeps on his tummy (its a cot death risk but he has a breathing monitor). This is because he only poops once a week. In fact he finally pooped today after 11 days. Yes you read that right, eleven. This means that we save lots of money on wipes but he gets a bit of a sore tummy after the first 7 days. And when it finally happens its a BIG event. No wonder he is growing so fast!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Rene took some gorgeous photo's of the kids while he was here. He's very talented and has inspired me to try and take better photos.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Janelle & Rene

We were lucky enough to have my sister Janelle and her husband Rene pay us a flying visit on their way from New York to Auckland. Kaisha attached herself to them and Coen got spoilt with lots and lots of cuddles.
Janelle & Kaisha playing barbies

Jetlag hits

We had sunday lunch down by the sea. It was a gorgeous day and we attempted a family photo.

This was about at good as it got.

On Monday we met Beth and the kids at Redcliffe for a swim. Janelle hadn't been swimming since summer last year in august.

Beau & Kaisha eating lunch all ready to go swimming.

Janelle and I rounded off the long weekend with high tea. It was great fun and absolutely delicious!
One last Cuddle.

Janelle lets not leave it 2 years before we meet up again!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mama Exhaustion

This post is probably only of interest to the mothers out there. If you aren't interested in the joys of breastfeeding skip the text and scroll on down to the photos at the bottom. :)

Coen loves to feed. In fact, apart from this last week, he has been feeding every 2 hours, which means I have been having an hours sleep at a time. I have decided that it doesn't matter how much sleep I get as its never enough. What does matter is how big the blocks are. This last week he has moved to feeding every four hours and I have been having 3hour sleeps. I feel so much better!
The problem was that Coen loves to suck, but he wouldn't take a dummy (pacifier), so was using me as one. The problem came to a head when feeding got so painful that I would cry each time. I finally managed to get him to take a dummy last week and immediately he started going longer between feeds. The other issue is that he will not gape properly so I can attach him. When I finally do get him on he pulls on and off all the time which does not help things. It seems to be the way he feeds and is not getting any better so I am off to buy nipple shields tomorrow and hopefully they will work and turn feeding from a chore I dread to something enjoyable once more. I'm hoping this is a stage and that he will get better at attaching the older he gets. Fingers crossed!

Sleeping perfection

Wide awake


Spot the baby

Big sister cuddles

My doll Coen

I'm lucky enough to have an amazing mother in law who brings me flowers each week! This week it was sunny cheerful tulips.