Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Kaisha is 8 weeks corrected age today, 4 months on saturday. She has slept from 10pm till 6am for the last two nights! Very exciting for me, the first decent sleep in months. I keep waking up in shock that it is light! Anyway here is a video I took today of kaisha watching her mobile. She always smiles at pooh, I think because he is wearing a red shirt.

Monday, April 07, 2008


Kaisha is now 3 and 3/4 months old. Corrected age 7 weeks. I dread the question how old is she as I never know what to say. If I do say 7 weeks they then ask how much she weighed when born so I have to explain the whole prem thing anyway. There is no easy answer. We had a great Easter. Anna, Geoff and Laura were here for the week before Easter, then Liz and Alton came for easter as well. So we had a full house and tent for a couple of days. Was great to have everyone around and Kaisha was totally spoilt. The Wood family left on Easter Monday and the rest of us went up to cotton tree for the week. Was lovely to get away although poor nick had to commute as he couldn't get time off. Kaisha enjoyed being held for the 3 weeks we had people here and got a bit of a shock on the day after the Bassetts left that if wasn't going to continue. It only took her a couple of days to get over it thankfully. Last week she moved from her bassinet into her big cot. She only takes up the end of it which is really cute and she had no problems sleeping in it which was a relief. Actually she has no problem sleeping wherever we are. We took her to an AFL game this weekend and she slept thru most of it. Nick thought we should go to an AFL game so he could figure out the rules. Kaisha is an Australian after all and might want to know one day. Personally I thought it was a bit of every game all mashed together.
Anyway to get to the most important part. Here are the latest photos.