Saturday, July 31, 2010

My First Skirt

I can sew!!! I made Kaisha a skirt on thursday and am very proud of myself. The last time I made a skirt was when I was about 13. First I sewed the right side of the fabric to the wrong side. Once I had unpicked that I sewed the top together. When I finally finished the skirt I never wore it and declared I would never sew again. Well I kept that promise until last year.
I followed the tutorial here and only modified a couple of things. I was making it from 2 fat quarters so I had to have side seams. My lengths were shorter than hers and I will make them even shorter next time as the skirt is a little bit long. Also I made the ruffle part longer so that it would be rufflier.
PS Her hair only looks red here cause of the reflection of the door, its actually brown with blonde streaks.
We have had a very uneventful week here, which has been lovely. Kaisha is finally well, hardly coughing at all, and is in a much better mood because of it. It rained alot this week so the garden has shot up. One of my bean climers grew 1metre in one day! It has also turned lovely and warm, yay! Yesterday the temp was a very comfotable 25 C and last night we didn't even have the heater on so I would guess it will be hotter today. Kaisha and Nick have gone off to their swimming lesson this morning so I have my blissful hour of time to myself. Kaisha loves swiming lessons and is getting braver all the time. She now goes under a lot and sometimes tries to swim and jumps into the pool, with lots of encouragement of course!
Nick and Kaisha with her hair in bobbles - so cute!

Kaisha had her first haircut yesterday. The bribe was a lollipop (sucker for the Americans). I did take the camera but we ended up with her sitting on my knee and me singing nursery rhymes to keep her calm so no photos were taken. It was just a trim of the ends because they were so scraggly and tended to knot really badly. It now looks curlier that ever! She has never had a lollipop and as we were walking to the car after she said to me in frustration "I can't eat it mama". So I had to break it up so she could eat it. Don't think we will be giving her one of those for a while yet.

This is a photo of Kaisha cooking. Yes her stove is the rubbish bin and the food is prawn crackers from the thai takeaway place. I have really cute video of this so will try and remember to buy a cord so I can download it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Photoshoot


After visiting Louise on friday and seeing all her baking efforts I got inspired. It helped a lot that Reuben was entertaining Kaisha so I didn't have my usual little "helper" to interfere.

Lemon stars, chocolate wheaten hearts, snickerdoodles, and cookie teddy bears and teapots.


Kaisha had her first friend to sleep over this weekend. Her and Reuben had so much fun together, highlights were:

  • Going through the new tunnel under the Brisbane river on the way home. They were so excited.
  • Playing with balloons, they had the whole packet strew around the house and there was a lot of spit involved.

  • Lying in bed giggling together. We actually made them sleep in different rooms. Otherwise no one would have had any sleep!

  • Seeing two head bent together in the sandpit.

  • Having Reuben come up to me and tell me he has a baby in his tummy (it was a ball). This caused Kaisha to have a fit cause she thought he had her doll up his shirt.
  • Watching them play hid and seek, Kaisha hid behind the curtains and refused to look up at Reuben when he found her, cause as long as she doesn't see him, he can't see her.

They were both exhausted by the time Lou came to pick Reuben up and Kaisha slept in til 8:30 this morning which is a serious sleep in for her.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kaisha is still coughing after 2 months so I decided to take this "weekend" easy. No walking, playdates, shopping or library. Just snugly clothes, playing at home and lots of naps.

As an aside if anyone has any ideas on how to get rid of a chesty cough please share! Its mostly when she lies down to sleep that she coughs. I have her bed elevated and have been putting breathe easy essential oil on her pillow and rubbing vicks on her when she lets me.

milo and biscuits for afternoon snack

"Helping" mum water the garden
Just after this photo was taken she pointed the hose at the sky and then yelped in surprise when the water rained down on her.

rainbow cupcakes.
Its just food colouring, but we had lots of fun and blue lips by the end.
Homemade cream cheese and raspberry danish for breakfast. Recipe is from here. Can't wait to try chocolate next time.
Breakfast with Doggy and Blanky. Doggy has been somewhat superseded by blanky these days.
Cubby's under Kaisha's bunk.
I want to turn under her bunk into a proper cubby as a christmas present. This one was just made with a towel and her blanket but I would like to sew her some curtains with tiebacks and cushions and make it into a permanent little house.

Oh and after our being restful and quiet this weekend on Saturday afternoon Kaisha's nose started to run yet again and by bedtime she was completely stuffed up again. So we had another restless night and to top it all off she has the beginning of conjunctivitis starting this morning. Ahh the joys of daycare in winter.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Kingscliffe Weekend

We spent the weekend in Kingscliffe which is a little beach town in Northern NSW just below the gold coast. We stayed with Justin, Louise, Reuben and Zeke in a 3 bedroom townhouse that was bigger and nicer than our house! By complete coincidence David, Beth, Beau and Delta were staying 2 minutes down the road which was great. Saturday Louise and I wandered the farmers markets while the dads and kids played on the beach. They then went for a swim in the heated pool followed by a lazy afternoon reading while the kids slept off all the excitement. The condon's joined us for dinner. A fun weekend!

Our house



Thursday, July 08, 2010

Were going to the Beach!

We are going away this weekend. Yay! I'm so excited! Even tho it probably won't be that restful what with having a 2 year old that doesn't sleep that well, I'm looking forward to the change. Walks on the beach, building sandcastles and drinking hot chocolate at seaside cafe's.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Catch Up

Its been a busy weekend here.
On Monday I stayed home with Kaisha so on Thursday I went into work for a couple of hours. With Kaisha. As she is still coughing I didn't like to ask anyone to have her as all my babysitters have kids themselves. I just needed to whip up a lip balm so took a laptop, some dvd's and colouring in things. There is a desk in the lab with equipment on it out of the way of everyone so I made a cubby for her under the desk and set the laptop up on the a box. She was so good. It was all so different and people were coming and going and she was happy as. Towards the end of the 2 hours she started to pester a little so I finished up then. I needed to then distribute the lip balm to people before I left so we walked about dishing out lip balms to everyone. As I was going past the owners door he asked for a meeting !!!(I had ok'd bringing Kaisha in with him first). I went "umm I have Kaisha with me" and he goes "just bring her too". So I ended up sitting in the board room with both owners and the sales manager with Kaisha on my knee reporting on my latest projects. Was very surrel and went something like this. "I'm up to version 13 for this project and am quite happy with this one although it still needs tweaking as the pH isn't quite right yet, yes Kaisha you can have an orange when we are finished, and as I was saying the pH has to be lower for it to be preserved effectively". They really didn't seem to mind the interruptions tho so its good to know that in a pinch I can take Kaisha into work.
Friday we had mothers group here and William one of the little boys was turning 2 so we had a little party.
Photo time! - William, Joshua, Beau, Kaisha, Delta & Sienna. Jasmin is hidden by Delta's hat.

Cake time - I asked the kids to sit in the kitchen and eat their cake and they all lined up like this.

Saturday we had a lovely lazy day, I did some reading, some gardening and some playing with Kaisha. I also reorganised my kitchen cupboards which will have to count as my craft project this week as I haven't gotten around to anything else. Yes my sewing machine is still at the shop. I really must ring them up again. I am knitting Kaisha a scarf at the moment but I can only do it when she is asleep as she likes to "help" me knit it. This consists of her getting a knitting needle and poking it thru the knitting, not so helpful at all really so I only do it when she is sleeping. Anyway, back to my kitchen. The reason for the reorganise was another tupperware party I attended two weeks ago. Just a little bit more and I will be sorted "wink".

Isn't it beautiful! I keep leaving my cupboard doors open on purpose so I can stare at it.