Friday, December 23, 2011

December Birthdays

December is the birthday month for the Wood women.

First up is Laura's birthday on the 10th.

Then my birthday on the 11th. There is no photo record as I am the one behind the camera. Also there will be a celebration in New York so it was fairly low key. I did get a beautiful butterfly card which Kaisha picked out and a good stick mixer, blender and whisk. I LOVE kitchen toys and have had lots of fun playing with it. It certainly make baby food making much easier.

Next was Anna's birthday on the 15th.
I had great fun making this cake!

And finally it was Kaisha's 4th birthday on the 22nd.
 She is finally at an age where she really gets in to it. It was so fun to see her excitement at the balloons and streamers and presents.

 Yes I was up until midnight sewing the bike basket and making the cake. But then things worth doing take effort don't they.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Tree

Kaisha and I had great fun putting up the Christmas Tree earlier this month. She is at the age where she is starting to get it. Although there was a lot of 'Can we do the decorations now' and 'no, wait til the tree is finished and I get the lights on'.

Here's the next branch

Playing with the beads

Playing in the Christmas tree bag
 Actually not much help was given until we go to the decoration part. And that gets rearranged daily.

 We also wrote and posted a letter to Santa. We are establishing the tradition that we ask Santa for a list of things and he brings one item. She didn't want Santa to forget Coen so we had to make a list for him too.
 Santa's letter
Not long til we go to New York now. We are getting very excited and also very nervous about leaving the kids. Kaisha is excited to have Grandpa and Grandma coming to stay and is planning lots of swimming and park adventures. Hopefully the weather improves because at the moment it is cool and rainy.
Coen has a new tooth and is starting to crawl properly on his hands and knees. He is also just starting to pull himself up on the furniture but is very wobbly and gets stuck.

Thursday, December 08, 2011


November was busy, isn't it always? Coen got a tooth a week between 8 and 9 months so the first half is a bit of a blur with the sleeplessness. He also started commando crawling at the start of the month. He is a real boy. I don't quite know what has hit me. Kaisha always stayed right by me and followed me from room to room. Coen is off exploring. He loves going out on the deck and into the laundry and bathroom. A week ago I caught him sucking on the toilet brush, the handle end, but still.  He also loves drawers and cupboards and spends a lot of time playing in Kaisha's play kitchen. He injures himself a lot more! Kaisha fell over at 3 and asked what the red stuff on her knee was, she has only ever had one injury incidence report at daycare. Coen on the other had has already given himself a blood nose here at home (he didn't even cry) and has had 2 reports in the past month!

I stopped feeding Coen at the beginning of the month and he started on bottles. Expressing at work is the weirdest thing I have done!


Matching Fairies

Loving cruskets, loves to feed himself
 Kaisha had her daycare Christmas concert. She stood on the stage and got distracted by the audience and forgot the words, so cute!! Some of the kids just loved the attention, Kaisha not so much. The most exciting part was seeing Santa. She got a bit awed at actually seeing him and forgot to tell him what she wanted but we wrote a letter this week so hopefully he gets it.
First time seeing Santa!

Kaisha feeding Coen

" Don't touch my blocks!"

Last ballet class of the year.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I didn't take too many photos in October (due to always having a baby in my arms). Coen got his first tooth the day after he turned 8 months. He continued to get one tooth a week for the next 4 weeks. Ouch! Lots of fevers, broken sleep, runny noses, slobber, cuddles with mum and walking up and down. It was a long month! At least teething is happening nice and fast and will be over soon (or that's what I keep telling myself).
Fairy Kaisha at Nana's house.

One tooth

Sleeping boys

Bathing beauties

Brisbane is supposed to be in for a summer of storms and the first few were certainly impressive. Kaisha thought it was snowing.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Garden Update & Videos

While Mum and Dad were over we re-did both the front gardens and re-planted the veggie garden.

Hydrangea's in the front garden. They only get a little morning sun and very late afternoon sun so we will see how they do. Both these gardens are set up with a watering system on a timer so I only pull the occasional weed that gets through the mulch. That much I can handle!
The veggie garden. It has tomato, corn, beans, carrots, lettuce and some Cosmos that Kaisha insisted on buying and planting. The beans are almost ready, the corn is flowering and the tomatoes are all green. I'm terrified of  disturbing a snake in this garden. Queensland has had the perfect snake breeding year and they are particularly abundant at the moment. I keep a stick by the garden to poke around with before I pick the beans.
These are the cucumbers. There are 4 types and I have had a cucumber off 3 of them! Its a fight against the powdery mildew, which is why most of the bottom leaves have been picked!
This garden has a self sprouting cherry tomato, peas, a rose and herbs. It and the cucumbers also have a lovely watering system with timer.
This is the latest harvest. A telegraph, apple and Lebanese cucumber and lots of peas.

So for those of you who have made it this far, I have a couple of videos.
The first is of the kids in the paddling pool, the second of Coen in his swing.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Grandpa & Grandma Visit

Mum and Dad came for the weekend at the end of September. Andrea was down from Townsville as well. Was lovely to have some family time.
Grandpa and his boy

Blue Eyes

Grandma and her Princess

Chubby Bubby
Coen got eczema as soon as he went on to solid food. He had it on both cheeks, arms and legs. 2 months later it has totally cleared up, so I guess it was just related to his digestive system maturing. I found the best thing for it was Gaia moisturising lotion.

 Kaisha with her pot from daycare
 Family photoshoot

Family Dinner
Beef salad

We had a lovely dinner after a hard days work in the garden. All my gardens have been redone and they are looking gorgeous! Thank you Mum, Dad and Andrea! Will save that for another post.

Ballet Class - Andrea came along and took a few photos of the little ballerinas.