Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kingscliffe Holiday

We spent the last week in Kingscliffe with mum and dad. So nice to have a proper beach holiday! The weather was not too bad, only 1 really overcast day and about 3 nice sunny days so not bad at all.

Looking out at the pool from our balcony. It was freezing but lovely to lie beside. Luckily there was a spa that was nice and warm!

Kaisha and Grandpa in the spa. Kaisha spent hours swimming.

Me, Kaisha, Dad, Kaylene - Kaylene and Graeme came down and visited us.

Kaisha all ready for the beach.

Grandma & Grandpa and Kaisha at Tweed Heads Beach

This looks like a good place to eat chips.

Here I'll even share with you mama.

Chasing seagulls

Jumping on sandcastles.


Bike riding with daddy.

Going really really fast!

Kaisha and Grandpa.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Its the middle of October and I have only managed 1 post. About time for an update!

Kaisha on her bike. I discovered the other day that she can ride it! We don't really have enough flat surfaces around here but daycare obviously does.

Into mum's shoes again. Kaisha loves wearing my things and regularly comes clomping out with my high heels on or wearing a t-shirt as a dress.

Kaisha's Mask - she came home from daycare wearing the mask that she made and didn't take it off til dinner time.

My quilt. I'm half way thru sewing the large squares together to make the main top. Not sure that I'm going to have it finished by Kaisha's birthday tho!

Brisbane has gone from severe drought conditions to flooding in 2 years. A couple of years ago we were only allowed to use 130L per person per day and the dam levels were at below 20% (about 2 days supply of water for the city). Now the dams are all between 95-100% and they can't spill water out of them fast enough. So while the water sitting in the yard probably doesn't look like much to some people its the most we have ever seen in our 6 years of living in Brisbane.

Friday, October 08, 2010


The jacaranda's are blooming which means its Spring but there hasn't been much sign of it around here until this week. Usually September thru November we have beautiful temperate (20-28 degrees C) weather and the occasional afternoon storm. This September we have had low temps and rain, rain and more rain. The last 4 days we finally had some sunshine and temps of 28 of which I wasn't working for 1 day of. Of course its raining again today :(

I don't really have too much other news to impart. I'm back to feeling tired all the time and although I'm not being sick I'm still nauseous some of the time. Looking forward to going on holiday the end of next week! If anyone has any good books to recommend let me know.