Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I didn't take too many photos in October (due to always having a baby in my arms). Coen got his first tooth the day after he turned 8 months. He continued to get one tooth a week for the next 4 weeks. Ouch! Lots of fevers, broken sleep, runny noses, slobber, cuddles with mum and walking up and down. It was a long month! At least teething is happening nice and fast and will be over soon (or that's what I keep telling myself).
Fairy Kaisha at Nana's house.

One tooth

Sleeping boys

Bathing beauties

Brisbane is supposed to be in for a summer of storms and the first few were certainly impressive. Kaisha thought it was snowing.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Garden Update & Videos

While Mum and Dad were over we re-did both the front gardens and re-planted the veggie garden.

Hydrangea's in the front garden. They only get a little morning sun and very late afternoon sun so we will see how they do. Both these gardens are set up with a watering system on a timer so I only pull the occasional weed that gets through the mulch. That much I can handle!
The veggie garden. It has tomato, corn, beans, carrots, lettuce and some Cosmos that Kaisha insisted on buying and planting. The beans are almost ready, the corn is flowering and the tomatoes are all green. I'm terrified of  disturbing a snake in this garden. Queensland has had the perfect snake breeding year and they are particularly abundant at the moment. I keep a stick by the garden to poke around with before I pick the beans.
These are the cucumbers. There are 4 types and I have had a cucumber off 3 of them! Its a fight against the powdery mildew, which is why most of the bottom leaves have been picked!
This garden has a self sprouting cherry tomato, peas, a rose and herbs. It and the cucumbers also have a lovely watering system with timer.
This is the latest harvest. A telegraph, apple and Lebanese cucumber and lots of peas.

So for those of you who have made it this far, I have a couple of videos.
The first is of the kids in the paddling pool, the second of Coen in his swing.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Grandpa & Grandma Visit

Mum and Dad came for the weekend at the end of September. Andrea was down from Townsville as well. Was lovely to have some family time.
Grandpa and his boy

Blue Eyes

Grandma and her Princess

Chubby Bubby
Coen got eczema as soon as he went on to solid food. He had it on both cheeks, arms and legs. 2 months later it has totally cleared up, so I guess it was just related to his digestive system maturing. I found the best thing for it was Gaia moisturising lotion.

 Kaisha with her pot from daycare
 Family photoshoot

Family Dinner
Beef salad

We had a lovely dinner after a hard days work in the garden. All my gardens have been redone and they are looking gorgeous! Thank you Mum, Dad and Andrea! Will save that for another post.

Ballet Class - Andrea came along and took a few photos of the little ballerinas. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 The beginning of September was spent with both the kids sick with colds and coughs.

We went for a walk at Redcliffe with Beth, Beau and Delta. There were lots of large blue jellyfish to keep the kids entertained.

Many days were spent enjoying being at home. I started back to work at the end of September, 2 days a week.
Making sheet forts. Kaisha insisted Coen join her.

Aunty Andrea came to stay for two weeks. The kids loved being spoilt. I loved having someone to share the carrying, feeding, rocking, book reading and snuggling.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

End of August

I am so behind in posting so am playing catch up. As I steal some time I will post. These photos are all from August.
Coen in his new All Blacks outfit knitted by Nana.

Yum food!
Actually Coen is not a good eater like Kaisha was. He likes everything super smooth and we are only now at 9mths introducing mashed food, but definitely not lumps! On the plus side he doesn't really put things in his mouth so I don't have to vacuum every day. Bonus!! I wonder if he has a slight oral aversion from being tube fed as a baby? Although it was only for about a week and Kaisha had a tube in for much longer and had no problems so maybe its just how he is.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Kaisha started Ballet lessons at the end of August. She LOVES it and we have noticed a definite improvement in her balance and muscle tone. Expect lots more photos as its so CUTE!
First Ballet Class

Little Ballerina

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Zealand Trip (August 11)

In August the kids and I went to NZ for 2 weeks. Its so long ago I can hardly remember! The flights were good with both kids behaving and we had an awesome time. Auckland did put on the coldest day on record but we stayed bundled up by the fire and enjoyed the change. Anyway here are a few photos in no particular order.
Grandma Power with her great grandkids

Kaisha enjoying pancakes with Grandpa

The Kids and I

Gingerbread house back

Gingerbread house front

Kaisha and Ella enjoying cream buns

Willem the Builder

Kaisha & Willem

He was actually a bit scared of her as she kept smothering him with love.

Dad with Kaisha who got herself ready to go to the park.

Bacon for lunch! Perfectly logical according to grandparents.

Smiley boy

Grandpa's technique for putting babies to sleep.