Thursday, July 24, 2008

July Videos

This video is of Kaisha looking at herself in the mirror. Even when she is sad it makes her giggle to look at herself.

This video is of Kaisha trying "real" food for the first time. It took awhile for her to get used to the texture and she pulled some hilarious faces but now she is gobbling up the food and opening her mouth for food when we eat.

This video is of Kaisha giggling. It was taken at the beginning of July when she was 6 1/2 months (4 1/2 months corrected age).

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Kaisha is 8 weeks corrected age today, 4 months on saturday. She has slept from 10pm till 6am for the last two nights! Very exciting for me, the first decent sleep in months. I keep waking up in shock that it is light! Anyway here is a video I took today of kaisha watching her mobile. She always smiles at pooh, I think because he is wearing a red shirt.

Monday, April 07, 2008


Kaisha is now 3 and 3/4 months old. Corrected age 7 weeks. I dread the question how old is she as I never know what to say. If I do say 7 weeks they then ask how much she weighed when born so I have to explain the whole prem thing anyway. There is no easy answer. We had a great Easter. Anna, Geoff and Laura were here for the week before Easter, then Liz and Alton came for easter as well. So we had a full house and tent for a couple of days. Was great to have everyone around and Kaisha was totally spoilt. The Wood family left on Easter Monday and the rest of us went up to cotton tree for the week. Was lovely to get away although poor nick had to commute as he couldn't get time off. Kaisha enjoyed being held for the 3 weeks we had people here and got a bit of a shock on the day after the Bassetts left that if wasn't going to continue. It only took her a couple of days to get over it thankfully. Last week she moved from her bassinet into her big cot. She only takes up the end of it which is really cute and she had no problems sleeping in it which was a relief. Actually she has no problem sleeping wherever we are. We took her to an AFL game this weekend and she slept thru most of it. Nick thought we should go to an AFL game so he could figure out the rules. Kaisha is an Australian after all and might want to know one day. Personally I thought it was a bit of every game all mashed together.
Anyway to get to the most important part. Here are the latest photos.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


More Photos


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

10 March 2007

Kaisha is now 11weeks old, corrected age 3 weeks. She has had an eventful week! On wednesday she had her first immunisations. Who knew she could scream so loud! She was fine once I got her in th car though and slept for most of th rest of the day. She weighed 4.3kg or 9 pounds 5. On thursday Kaisha started a growth spurt and fed every 2 hours for a couple of days.I'm only just recovering now. Today I was with a mothers group discussing teeth so thought I would show them a couple of teeth Kaisha has near the surface. Imagine my surprise to discover one of th teeth was through! And on sunday she gave us a gorgeous big smile. She hasn't repeated this but no wonder as she hasn't really had much to smile about. Below is a video nick took of Kaisha last week. Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

25 February 2008

Melissa here. Now that I have learned how to update this I will try to do it more regularly. No promises though! We have had an eventful 3 weeks. We really enjoyed having Laura to stay although the weather wasn't so good. We didn't do too much, mostly just played with Kaisha. On the 14th we had a zero birthday party for Kaisha. Below is a picture of her with her cake. It was nearly as big as she is. On the 16th Andrea arrived for 10 days. We did lots of Shopping and a bit of swimming. Last weekend we went camping on the gold coast. A good idea in theory but when the temperature reaches 40 degrees not so fun! We had to leave the tent at 6:30am because it was so hot. We tried going to the beach but it was too hot for Kaisha so we went to the Campground pool instead. I left a packet of marshmallows in the tent and they melted into one large lump. It cooled down to a more comfortable 28 in the afternoon. I haven't weighed Kaisha yet this week but I'm guessing she is around 4kg now. You might notice a red dot between Kaisha's eyes. Its a strawberry birthmark. It will continue to grow as she does but should fade by the time she is 2. Enjoy the photos.

Kaisha 27.02.08

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

6th February 2008

Hi Everyone,

Well where to begin? It has been awhile since I updated this.
Mum was here for a week which was really good. We managed to go down to the Gold Coast for 4 nights which was very relaxing. The only thing that went wrong was that I got sick. On my birthday as well so I wasn't very impressed really. I have had 2 weeks off work which was really great. It was interesting to go back, things change so quickly at Recall. 6 people have resigned and 1 was "let go"

Kaisha is doing really well, on Monday Mel took her to the doctor for her 6 week check up, and she weighed in at 3.3kg. So she is now 7 pounds 2 a week before her due date. Melissa is hoping to bake her a birthday cake for her zero birthday on the 14th. So maybe we will have some people around then.
Kaisha is definately learning to cry now.

Laura arrived yesterday. It has been good to see her. Although she appears to be more interested in Kaisha than talking to me (just joking). Anyway it is totally understandable as Kaisha is very cute and adorable if I do say so myself.

Mel has been taking a few more pictures so here are some of the better ones.

Nick, Mel and Kaisha

Kaisha 06.02.08

Thursday, January 24, 2008

One week on.

Hey Everyone,

Well it has been over a week since we brought our daughter home, and mel is really enjoying it. We went back to the hospital on Tuesday to have her final weigh in. Kaisha had put on 320 grams in a week, so she is now 2.56kg. They like to see a minimum of 150grams a week, so Kaisha is doing really well. Must be that full cream milk mel is feeding her.

Mum arrived on Wednesday and was overjoyed to be meet at the airport by Kaisha, had to have her first hold and photos right there. We are taking a trip to the Gold Coast tomorrow for a few days which will be nice to get away. Its kinda scary to contemplate travelling for an hour with Kaisha in her carseat. She is not real comfortable in the carseat as she seems too small to fit properly. She just disappears into the depths of it. I must take a photo of it sometime.

Anyway I know you all probably just want to see more photos so I will leave you to it.

Nick, Mel and Kaisha


Kaisha 24.01.08


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Finally at Home!!!

Hi Everyone,

Well today we left the hospital and brought Kaisha home!! It feels good to finally have her here. She slept quietly all the way home which was good. She is so small you can't really see her when she is in the carseat. Just sort of disappears into it. She has gained more weight and is now 2130 grams. A baby born full term is suppose to put on 150 grams a week as a minimun, and Kaisha has done that in 5 days.

I have today off work, then back for 3 days then a 2 week holiday, which I must say I am really looking forward to. It has been raining in Brisbane for most of January it seems. Some guy did predict many years ago that 2008 would be the year of rain.

Anyway it has been nice to get some emails. Hope that everyone is well.

Nick Mel & Kaisha

Kaisha 15/01/08

Thursday, January 10, 2008

20 Days Old

Hi everyone,

Well, five days have passed since Kaisha had her first bath. It seems like a long time ago. We have had a couple of room changes since we began and are now in room ten which happens to be the closest to the door. On Sunday we have to move in to the parentcraft room. The parentcraft room is where we are suppose to be adjusting to living with our darling girl 24/7. So Sunday afternoon we move into there then on Tuesday the 15th of January Kaisha will be strapped into her carseat for the very first time and go for her very first drive, 14.6 kilometers home(depending which way you take).

So thats pretty much the most exciting news we have had since the 22nd of December.
Anyway its getting late so I will let you look at the latest photos

Nick, Mel and Kaisha

Kaisha 09/01/08

Saturday, January 05, 2008

First bath and new clothes!!!

Hi All,

It is good to say that Kaisha has graduated into the opposite side of the ward at the hospital. Which means that she is getting closer to coming home. Mel and I went up today to give her her first bath, which I had to do!! Mel says that it will be my job from now on. Kaisha was very relaxed in the bath after the initial getting wet thing. It was quite fun really. She almost went to sleep, not a good thing when we are trying to keep her awake to breast feed.

She is gaining weight and is now 1895g, a gain of 80g in 2 days!! Things are looking up on the breast feeding situation as well having a bit more interest in what is going on. It really is a bit of an education thing for mother and baby.

Alton and Liz left yesterday, gone home to get some good weather I expect. Brisbane has been lousy the whole time they were here. It was really good to have them here to help us cope with the initial stages of being parents. It is still an odd situation as we don't have her with us all the time.

Mel was sick last Thursday which meant that she wasn't allowed up to the hospital for 48 hours. That has been pretty tough for Mel as she missed Kaisha being put into an open cot.

We have just been to the baby store to buy a few things in preparation for Kaisha to come home, even though that will still be 2 or 3 weeks away. Most importantly the carseat as she is not allowed to leave hospital without one. Also a cot and change table, and a few other things we thought might come in handy when our daughter comes home.

Isn't it funny me having a daughter!! It seems very surreal really. Anyway must go, back to the hospital in a few minutes. Enjoy the pictures. They don't really do her justice though. Feel free to email Melissa or myself (emails above).

Kaisha 2

Love to all,
Nick, Mel and Kaisha

Happy New Year.