Thursday, January 24, 2008

One week on.

Hey Everyone,

Well it has been over a week since we brought our daughter home, and mel is really enjoying it. We went back to the hospital on Tuesday to have her final weigh in. Kaisha had put on 320 grams in a week, so she is now 2.56kg. They like to see a minimum of 150grams a week, so Kaisha is doing really well. Must be that full cream milk mel is feeding her.

Mum arrived on Wednesday and was overjoyed to be meet at the airport by Kaisha, had to have her first hold and photos right there. We are taking a trip to the Gold Coast tomorrow for a few days which will be nice to get away. Its kinda scary to contemplate travelling for an hour with Kaisha in her carseat. She is not real comfortable in the carseat as she seems too small to fit properly. She just disappears into the depths of it. I must take a photo of it sometime.

Anyway I know you all probably just want to see more photos so I will leave you to it.

Nick, Mel and Kaisha


Kaisha 24.01.08


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The Hoffs said...

The videos are wonderful to watch. You are an adorable family! Nicole-in Texas, USA