Thursday, January 10, 2008

20 Days Old

Hi everyone,

Well, five days have passed since Kaisha had her first bath. It seems like a long time ago. We have had a couple of room changes since we began and are now in room ten which happens to be the closest to the door. On Sunday we have to move in to the parentcraft room. The parentcraft room is where we are suppose to be adjusting to living with our darling girl 24/7. So Sunday afternoon we move into there then on Tuesday the 15th of January Kaisha will be strapped into her carseat for the very first time and go for her very first drive, 14.6 kilometers home(depending which way you take).

So thats pretty much the most exciting news we have had since the 22nd of December.
Anyway its getting late so I will let you look at the latest photos

Nick, Mel and Kaisha

Kaisha 09/01/08

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