Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Finally at Home!!!

Hi Everyone,

Well today we left the hospital and brought Kaisha home!! It feels good to finally have her here. She slept quietly all the way home which was good. She is so small you can't really see her when she is in the carseat. Just sort of disappears into it. She has gained more weight and is now 2130 grams. A baby born full term is suppose to put on 150 grams a week as a minimun, and Kaisha has done that in 5 days.

I have today off work, then back for 3 days then a 2 week holiday, which I must say I am really looking forward to. It has been raining in Brisbane for most of January it seems. Some guy did predict many years ago that 2008 would be the year of rain.

Anyway it has been nice to get some emails. Hope that everyone is well.

Nick Mel & Kaisha

Kaisha 15/01/08

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