Saturday, January 05, 2008

First bath and new clothes!!!

Hi All,

It is good to say that Kaisha has graduated into the opposite side of the ward at the hospital. Which means that she is getting closer to coming home. Mel and I went up today to give her her first bath, which I had to do!! Mel says that it will be my job from now on. Kaisha was very relaxed in the bath after the initial getting wet thing. It was quite fun really. She almost went to sleep, not a good thing when we are trying to keep her awake to breast feed.

She is gaining weight and is now 1895g, a gain of 80g in 2 days!! Things are looking up on the breast feeding situation as well having a bit more interest in what is going on. It really is a bit of an education thing for mother and baby.

Alton and Liz left yesterday, gone home to get some good weather I expect. Brisbane has been lousy the whole time they were here. It was really good to have them here to help us cope with the initial stages of being parents. It is still an odd situation as we don't have her with us all the time.

Mel was sick last Thursday which meant that she wasn't allowed up to the hospital for 48 hours. That has been pretty tough for Mel as she missed Kaisha being put into an open cot.

We have just been to the baby store to buy a few things in preparation for Kaisha to come home, even though that will still be 2 or 3 weeks away. Most importantly the carseat as she is not allowed to leave hospital without one. Also a cot and change table, and a few other things we thought might come in handy when our daughter comes home.

Isn't it funny me having a daughter!! It seems very surreal really. Anyway must go, back to the hospital in a few minutes. Enjoy the pictures. They don't really do her justice though. Feel free to email Melissa or myself (emails above).

Kaisha 2

Love to all,
Nick, Mel and Kaisha

Happy New Year.

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The Hoffs said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations to you both. Melissa and I were friends in Texas when we were young. I am so happy she is a mom now. I have 2 boys myself ages 4 and 2. I am now a lactation/breastfeeding counselor. If she has any questions about breastfeeding a preemie, she can email me at My website is God bless, Nicole