Wednesday, February 27, 2008

25 February 2008

Melissa here. Now that I have learned how to update this I will try to do it more regularly. No promises though! We have had an eventful 3 weeks. We really enjoyed having Laura to stay although the weather wasn't so good. We didn't do too much, mostly just played with Kaisha. On the 14th we had a zero birthday party for Kaisha. Below is a picture of her with her cake. It was nearly as big as she is. On the 16th Andrea arrived for 10 days. We did lots of Shopping and a bit of swimming. Last weekend we went camping on the gold coast. A good idea in theory but when the temperature reaches 40 degrees not so fun! We had to leave the tent at 6:30am because it was so hot. We tried going to the beach but it was too hot for Kaisha so we went to the Campground pool instead. I left a packet of marshmallows in the tent and they melted into one large lump. It cooled down to a more comfortable 28 in the afternoon. I haven't weighed Kaisha yet this week but I'm guessing she is around 4kg now. You might notice a red dot between Kaisha's eyes. Its a strawberry birthmark. It will continue to grow as she does but should fade by the time she is 2. Enjoy the photos.

Kaisha 27.02.08

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