Friday, June 04, 2010

Trip to the City

Today was Anna and Geoff's last (relaxed) day with us before they leave on their big trip. Nick took the day off and we decided to be tourists and wander around the city. Kaisha was very excited to go on a train and a boat in one day!

Breakfast - sticky lemon buns

Walking from the city to south bank

Hugs at lunch

South bank

Hugs for daddy

The city from the citycat

Story Bridge

End of the day


Edna said...

I love seeing all your pictures, probably as close to Aussi as we will ever get. Your lemon sticky buns look delicious. Looks like you have a lot of water in your area. How far are you from the seashore?
Love Edna

Nick & Mel said...

Hi Edna
Brisbane is situated at a river mouth so the city has a river running thru it which is where these photos were taken.The sea is about 10 minutes from us but its a bay so no waves, very pretty tho.