Friday, June 11, 2010


The minute the air gets a bit nippy I want to knit. All through summer I can't stand the thought of knitting but the minute it gets cold my fingers start to itch. Weird I know. So since it has been a bit chilly here lately I have been knitting. I'm not a very good knitter mainly cause I can't be bothered counting stiches and increasing/decreasing etc. Up until now I have only knitted straight things such as scarves (and a blanket that is wider at one end than the other due to my erratic tension but we won't dwell on that). Anyway I wanted to get/make something for Anna and Geoff as a going away present so decided to knit them some of grandma's slippers. Once Kaisha saw me doing them she wanted some like Nana's and now I am on to doing some for Nick.
Here is a really bad photo of Kaisha and Nana wearing their slippers.

I've also been making more felt hair clips. I'm slightly addicted I know! Kaisha just pulls them out but they are so easy and fun to make and my sewing machine is broken (and they look really cute for the 2 minutes she wears them). Excuse the terrible photos again and the model.

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