Monday, June 28, 2010

Grandma's Visit

Grandma came to visit this week. She spent 4 days with us and we had lots of fun shopping and eating yummy food.

Kaisha loves to help and cleaning the house is no exception. Here she is helping clean for when Grandma arrives.

All ready to go shopping! Kaisha had been talking about going shopping with Grandma for days. In fact it was a really good bribe "if you don't (insert eat, get dressed, have a bath, go to bed) you won't be able to go shopping with grandma". I'm not sure what to use now that grandma has gone.


Unfortunately Kaisha is sick yet again so I had to take another day off work today and we had to go to the Dr again. Ever since she had tonsillitis about a month ago she has had a cough. This last week it has gotten worse and she has started to drool bucket loads. You can see it on some of the above photos. The cough goes on all night and the whole family is exhausted. Anyway we are back onto our next lot of antibiotics so hopefully we see some improvement soon and have a full nights sleep too! I also splashed out and got one of those vicks vapourisers too so hopefully that will help tonight as its freezing here (7C).


Reon and Andrea said...

Cute, cute, cute!
I keep having dreams of flying over to see you guys! I guess skype will have to suffice for now :)
Miss you! xxoo

Edna said...

Brrrrrrrr that sounds cold, when we are having in the high 90's. We have had over 100 a couple of times. We are busy getting ready for convention which is the 23rd. Coming fast. Hope Kaisha gets better. eb