Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Long Weekend

So I had a completely relaxing, blissful long weekend. I read in the sun, baked, cooked and gardened.
On saturday Kaisha and I were playing in the sandpit and enjoying the sun when I suggested we have a picnic for lunch. Kaisha got so excited, who knew she loved picnics so much! So we had our sandwiches outside and called it a picnic.

This is what she does when I ask her to smile.

Monday night we had Justin and Louise and Reuben and Zeke for dinner. Kaisha was so excited they were coming that she spent the half an hour before they got there standing at the window asking me when was Reuben coming. It was very cute (and also completely annoying).
This is the best photo available - you can see all 3's faces at least.

Straight after this photo was taken poor Zeke got a jug full of water dumped on his head by his brother, than while Lou and I were calming him down (and trying to stop laughing at his expression of shock) Kaisha joined the show and dumped another jug full from the other side. Was hilarious although not so much for poor Zeke.

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Edna said...

Love that little girl and have never seen her. She is jut sweet in the pictures.
We are so busy, busy, busy. Just not enough sleep. Our convention is July 23rd and it is coming around so fast. I can't believe this year is half over already. I did get through spring housecleaning. I am so glad.
Have a nice week
Love Edna