Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hair Clips

My sewing machine is broken at the moment. Geoff is attemping to fix it for me so next week I may get to do some sewing. This weeks craft project is again using a hot glue gun. So easy and so fun!
The top green head band just has a felt flower which I cut out free hand and sewed a button to for the middle stuck to it.
The lady bird and flower hair tie is made by covering buttons and sewing them to a rubber band. You can buy self covering buttons at spotlight for about $4 for 3. Then you just need to find some cute fabric.
The clip with pink bow was just a metal clip I had that I glued ribbon to and then tied a little bow in pink and stuck that on. Gotta love a glue gun.
The last headband is the flower I made last week which I stuck on for kaisha.
So Easy.

Here are is a link for inspiration


wayne.roxy said...

u are soo talented mel!!

Nick & Mel said...

Not really, I just have a hot glue gun and am good at looking up tutorials.

Matt & Ali Riley said...

You are inspiring! I need to stop procrastinating!!!

Nicole Hoff said...

too cute! i cant wait until i start making stuff our our girl! :)im a bit intimidated to start something. im not good at finishing crafts!