Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bits & Bobs

Its been 11 days since I last posted, slack! My excuse is that I can't get photos off my camera and posts aren't the same without photos. The card reader on this computer has not worked for years and the cord that I use to download my photos appears to have a bite mark in it and it no longer works.
So we have been tootling along as usual here. I'm still attempting to toilet train Kaisha, we have had one number 2 and no wees. She does wees at daycare fine, I guess peer pressure has an effect or something, but not at home. Apparently at daycare they line them all up and go 3 at a time (3 toilets in a row) so its a bit of an event. Maybe we need to install an extra toilet ;D. Anyway we will persevere. I have a feeling that its going to take a while to happen.
Its getting colder here, its supposed to get down to 9 overnight on the weekend so we are pulling out the winter clothes and blankets. Laura is now working full time and is looking for a house. We are having John and Connie come to stay at the end of the week so looking forward to that.

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Edna said...

Mel, maybe you are going to have a good cook. Kaisha your pizza looks lucious. eb