Friday, May 21, 2010

No Zoo

It's raining today so we are no longer going to the zoo :(
Instead we are going to the doctors as Kaisha has had a fever on and off since wednesday night.
It does have its upside as I really need to pack for the weekend. We are going down to stay in Alstonville on Saturday and go to Special Meetings on Sunday. We have to drop Laura off at the airport at 7am Saturday so thought we would continue on from there which means I have to have everything ready tonight.


Nick & Mel said...

Its Tonsillitis again. While we were at the doctors Kaisha's fever spiked above 40 and they wouldn't let us go home til it came down. We were there an hour and a half. I finally went and bought an in ear thermometer. I can't get a reading on the underarm one as Kaisha wriggles too much. She doesn't like the ear one either but I can hold her still for the 2 seconds it takes to read her temp.

Edna said...

Bless her heart, hope she gets to feeling better before special meeting. Have a good one. eb