Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kaisha: One week on!

Hi Everyone,

Well our baby girl is now a week old, it seems to be alot longer and alot shorter all at the same time. It has been good to have Alton and Liz here, as we would be even more tired without them.
Mel is fine, getting tired though having to be up all hours expressing milk for Kaisha and also going to and from the hosiptal at least twice a day.
Kaisha is also doing well, we happenned to be with her yesterday when the doctors were doing their rounds, and basically she is really good just needs to grow some. Melissa has tried to feed her normally a couple of times but after a few sucks she most often goes right to sleep.

One of the nurses measured Kaisha the other day. She is 47cm long which I thought was pretty long considering. While she initially lost a little weight, as all newborns do, at the last weigh she had gained 10grams and is now 1646grams. She needs to be 1800grams to get out of her humidicrib. We don't think it will be too long as she is getting fed every 3 hours with 40mls each time. We think she has already put on a little fat as you can't quite see her ribs the same as when she was a day old.

Anyway will have to make this do for the moment. Here are the latest photos.


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