Friday, December 23, 2011

December Birthdays

December is the birthday month for the Wood women.

First up is Laura's birthday on the 10th.

Then my birthday on the 11th. There is no photo record as I am the one behind the camera. Also there will be a celebration in New York so it was fairly low key. I did get a beautiful butterfly card which Kaisha picked out and a good stick mixer, blender and whisk. I LOVE kitchen toys and have had lots of fun playing with it. It certainly make baby food making much easier.

Next was Anna's birthday on the 15th.
I had great fun making this cake!

And finally it was Kaisha's 4th birthday on the 22nd.
 She is finally at an age where she really gets in to it. It was so fun to see her excitement at the balloons and streamers and presents.

 Yes I was up until midnight sewing the bike basket and making the cake. But then things worth doing take effort don't they.

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lew n Merle said...

Wow Kaishai's 4! I'm just having a catch up at the computer!You're very impressive with your cake making:-)Mx