Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Tree

Kaisha and I had great fun putting up the Christmas Tree earlier this month. She is at the age where she is starting to get it. Although there was a lot of 'Can we do the decorations now' and 'no, wait til the tree is finished and I get the lights on'.

Here's the next branch

Playing with the beads

Playing in the Christmas tree bag
 Actually not much help was given until we go to the decoration part. And that gets rearranged daily.

 We also wrote and posted a letter to Santa. We are establishing the tradition that we ask Santa for a list of things and he brings one item. She didn't want Santa to forget Coen so we had to make a list for him too.
 Santa's letter
Not long til we go to New York now. We are getting very excited and also very nervous about leaving the kids. Kaisha is excited to have Grandpa and Grandma coming to stay and is planning lots of swimming and park adventures. Hopefully the weather improves because at the moment it is cool and rainy.
Coen has a new tooth and is starting to crawl properly on his hands and knees. He is also just starting to pull himself up on the furniture but is very wobbly and gets stuck.

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