Wednesday, February 08, 2012


We had a family birthday for Kaisha on the Saturday before Christmas as most of the family were around.
Opening presents

Blowing out candles

Eating the icing off the cupcakes

Christmas was a huge deal this year. Kaisha got right into it. We have started a tradition that the kids get to open a present the night before and it will always be PJ's. Someday I might even get around to sewing them myself. Someday.
Discovering Santa's gifts.

Hooray Santa got me an apple!

Spotting the trampoline

A quiet moment amongst the chaos

Hello handsome

yet more presents

Kaisha & Delta pulling a cracker

Andrea and Kaisha
Coen started pulling himself up on things for the first time on Christmas day. This photo captures my reaction perfectly. Kaisha is a cautious child and doesn't stray far, but Coen is going to teach me to let go of my hovering helicopter mum instincts!

A delicious Christmas dessert.

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