Thursday, December 08, 2011


November was busy, isn't it always? Coen got a tooth a week between 8 and 9 months so the first half is a bit of a blur with the sleeplessness. He also started commando crawling at the start of the month. He is a real boy. I don't quite know what has hit me. Kaisha always stayed right by me and followed me from room to room. Coen is off exploring. He loves going out on the deck and into the laundry and bathroom. A week ago I caught him sucking on the toilet brush, the handle end, but still.  He also loves drawers and cupboards and spends a lot of time playing in Kaisha's play kitchen. He injures himself a lot more! Kaisha fell over at 3 and asked what the red stuff on her knee was, she has only ever had one injury incidence report at daycare. Coen on the other had has already given himself a blood nose here at home (he didn't even cry) and has had 2 reports in the past month!

I stopped feeding Coen at the beginning of the month and he started on bottles. Expressing at work is the weirdest thing I have done!


Matching Fairies

Loving cruskets, loves to feed himself
 Kaisha had her daycare Christmas concert. She stood on the stage and got distracted by the audience and forgot the words, so cute!! Some of the kids just loved the attention, Kaisha not so much. The most exciting part was seeing Santa. She got a bit awed at actually seeing him and forgot to tell him what she wanted but we wrote a letter this week so hopefully he gets it.
First time seeing Santa!

Kaisha feeding Coen

" Don't touch my blocks!"

Last ballet class of the year.


Reon and Andrea said...

Soooo cute!! Can't wait to get down there!xx

lew n Merle said...

I agree such cute photos:-)Mx