Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 The beginning of September was spent with both the kids sick with colds and coughs.

We went for a walk at Redcliffe with Beth, Beau and Delta. There were lots of large blue jellyfish to keep the kids entertained.

Many days were spent enjoying being at home. I started back to work at the end of September, 2 days a week.
Making sheet forts. Kaisha insisted Coen join her.

Aunty Andrea came to stay for two weeks. The kids loved being spoilt. I loved having someone to share the carrying, feeding, rocking, book reading and snuggling.


Mike and Caroline said...

Lovely pics and I love keeping up with what is happening with your kids and you! Any advance on moving?
Love caroline xx

lew n Merle said...

Coen's a little you Mel I think:-)Mx