Saturday, November 12, 2011

End of August

I am so behind in posting so am playing catch up. As I steal some time I will post. These photos are all from August.
Coen in his new All Blacks outfit knitted by Nana.

Yum food!
Actually Coen is not a good eater like Kaisha was. He likes everything super smooth and we are only now at 9mths introducing mashed food, but definitely not lumps! On the plus side he doesn't really put things in his mouth so I don't have to vacuum every day. Bonus!! I wonder if he has a slight oral aversion from being tube fed as a baby? Although it was only for about a week and Kaisha had a tube in for much longer and had no problems so maybe its just how he is.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Kaisha started Ballet lessons at the end of August. She LOVES it and we have noticed a definite improvement in her balance and muscle tone. Expect lots more photos as its so CUTE!
First Ballet Class

Little Ballerina

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lew n Merle said...

This is such a happy post Coen looks darling in his All Black Outfit :-)