Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Zealand Trip (August 11)

In August the kids and I went to NZ for 2 weeks. Its so long ago I can hardly remember! The flights were good with both kids behaving and we had an awesome time. Auckland did put on the coldest day on record but we stayed bundled up by the fire and enjoyed the change. Anyway here are a few photos in no particular order.
Grandma Power with her great grandkids

Kaisha enjoying pancakes with Grandpa

The Kids and I

Gingerbread house back

Gingerbread house front

Kaisha and Ella enjoying cream buns

Willem the Builder

Kaisha & Willem

He was actually a bit scared of her as she kept smothering him with love.

Dad with Kaisha who got herself ready to go to the park.

Bacon for lunch! Perfectly logical according to grandparents.

Smiley boy

Grandpa's technique for putting babies to sleep.


wayne.roxy said...

hey did u fly on your own with the kids?how'd it go?

Nick & Mel said...

Yes it was fine. Coen slept the whole way and Kaisha was really good. Also people were much more helpful than when I have flown with just Kaisha. I had people carrying bags for me and holding Kaisha's hand and even holding Coen when I needed it.

wayne.roxy said...

oh awesome, good to know!im going to be flying home from nz on my own!