Monday, November 21, 2011

Garden Update & Videos

While Mum and Dad were over we re-did both the front gardens and re-planted the veggie garden.

Hydrangea's in the front garden. They only get a little morning sun and very late afternoon sun so we will see how they do. Both these gardens are set up with a watering system on a timer so I only pull the occasional weed that gets through the mulch. That much I can handle!
The veggie garden. It has tomato, corn, beans, carrots, lettuce and some Cosmos that Kaisha insisted on buying and planting. The beans are almost ready, the corn is flowering and the tomatoes are all green. I'm terrified of  disturbing a snake in this garden. Queensland has had the perfect snake breeding year and they are particularly abundant at the moment. I keep a stick by the garden to poke around with before I pick the beans.
These are the cucumbers. There are 4 types and I have had a cucumber off 3 of them! Its a fight against the powdery mildew, which is why most of the bottom leaves have been picked!
This garden has a self sprouting cherry tomato, peas, a rose and herbs. It and the cucumbers also have a lovely watering system with timer.
This is the latest harvest. A telegraph, apple and Lebanese cucumber and lots of peas.

So for those of you who have made it this far, I have a couple of videos.
The first is of the kids in the paddling pool, the second of Coen in his swing.



Caroline said...

LOOOOVE the videos!!
And the garden is awesome... like the way it is here and there around the place:) Do NOT love the snake idea! But you seem ti have taken it in your stride!

lew n Merle said...

I'm most impressed with your garden Mel:-)Mx

Nick & Mel said...

Certainly didn't take the large reptile I saw in the garden in my stride yesterday Caroline. Ran shrieking before confirming whether it was a lizard or a snake. The beans I was picking at the time tasted delicious so I am determined to get back in there. I'm thinking picking them early in the morning might be a better idea as surely the snakes will be sleeping elsewhere?