Saturday, September 25, 2010

Toilet Training Update

Well we are completely nappy free. As of Wednesday night I took the plunge and let Kaisha go to bed with undies on and we haven't had a wet bed yet! She totally has wee's sorted and hasn't had an accident while at home since last Sunday (she did have 1 on Monday at daycare). Poo's however are another story. When she needs to go, she is on and off the toilet for the 2 hours preceding but the minute she sits down she scares it away. And then eventually she has an accident cause she can't get there quick enough. Luckily for us she doesn't go every day! Anyway I'm sure it will come, she just has to figure out the sensations.
Overall tho I didn't expect toilet training to be this easy. I totally recommend waiting until the child is ready to do it and not when your ready.

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