Saturday, September 04, 2010


Kaisha is sick, AGAIN. She has only been well for about 2 weeks since May. This started out as a cold 3 weeks ago and turned into a throat infection with antibiotics yet again. The poor thing is having high temps again but is fairly happy as long as the paracetamol is working. She is coughing again too although not as bad as she was last time.
Two nights ago she woke at 2 and kept the whole family up til 3. Feeling rather fed up as she was wide awake and wanting to play and I was not I went back to bed shutting our bedroom door. She had a fit banging on it and then I could hear her wandering the house. I tried to stay awake til she quietened down but it didn't work. In the morning this is where we found her.

Bear - Kaisha has developed a fondness for this bear who is getting carted round everywhere. When I get her up to have her medicine in the night I have to carry bear on one hip and her on the other.

Hide and Seek - Kaisha has quite a few spot books and spot's favourite game is hide and see. She has been asking to play it quite a lot lately. First she covers her eyes with me and counts and when we finish counting she runs off to hide. She always hides like this

under her bed. As I'm looking for her she yells out telling me she is under her bed. When I "find" her she wants to play again but doesn't bother to get out of her hiding spot. Hilarious!

Summer is coming here. Yay! I've been making quite a bit of sun tea. Take 3 tea bags and wrap em round a chop stick (so you don't have to fish). Add 2T sugar to your 1.25L jug. Add your water, suspend the tea bags from the chopstick across the top and leave it in the sun for an hour or two.


Reon and Andrea said...

Cute! She is getting so big!! Mmmm that tea looks delish!

Edna said...

Sorry Kaisha isn't feeling well, maybe you need to change Dr.'s. If one doesn't work there is more ducks in the puddle than just one. She is such a cutie and looks like she is doing a lot of growing. Will she be 3 in November? Time is flying by so fast, can't keep up with everything.
Love B&E

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel!
Neat to watch your life passing... Kaisha is so cute! Glad we have been part of it all... Hugs xx