Sunday, September 19, 2010

Toilet Training

Well we are finally doing it and its working! Warning: the rest of this post might be a bit explicit and only for other interested mothers!
When Kaisha was 16 months she started telling me when she was going wees. From then on I have been trying to get her to go on the potty or toilet with no luck. She has awesome control and can hold for 3 or more hours! For the last few months she has been going on the toilet at daycare but not at home. At the start of this week she had never done a wee on the potty or toilet at home. Not once! On wednesday I had a chat with her teacher who said at daycare she was ready to be wearing undies so I thought that's it! We are doing this. I have tried chocolate and toys so this time I decided that as Kaisha loves to watch DVD's we would use that as our bribery. When she goes on the toilet she can watch something and when she has an accident we have to turn it off until she can go on the toilet again. So far it is working a treat. Thursday we had one success on the potty and also only one on Friday. Saturday we had about half success and half accidents and Sunday we have had complete success with no accidents! She is wearing undies to bed for her sleep and has yet to have an accident. She doesn't even want to wear a nappy to bed but I'm not ready for that just yet!


Nicole Hoff said...

Awesome!! congrats!! thats a huge step! shes growing up!!!

Caroline said...

Really good!!

Reon and Andrea said...

Yay Kaisha!! xo