Friday, October 08, 2010


The jacaranda's are blooming which means its Spring but there hasn't been much sign of it around here until this week. Usually September thru November we have beautiful temperate (20-28 degrees C) weather and the occasional afternoon storm. This September we have had low temps and rain, rain and more rain. The last 4 days we finally had some sunshine and temps of 28 of which I wasn't working for 1 day of. Of course its raining again today :(

I don't really have too much other news to impart. I'm back to feeling tired all the time and although I'm not being sick I'm still nauseous some of the time. Looking forward to going on holiday the end of next week! If anyone has any good books to recommend let me know.

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Edna said...

Good evening,
We are going into Fall as the nights are a lot cooler and the day time tempts. are in the 80's. Good to hear from you again. Saw Gayle and Rayshel to day at a 50th wedding anniversary dinner.
Much love to ya'll.
Bruce & Edna