Saturday, July 31, 2010

We have had a very uneventful week here, which has been lovely. Kaisha is finally well, hardly coughing at all, and is in a much better mood because of it. It rained alot this week so the garden has shot up. One of my bean climers grew 1metre in one day! It has also turned lovely and warm, yay! Yesterday the temp was a very comfotable 25 C and last night we didn't even have the heater on so I would guess it will be hotter today. Kaisha and Nick have gone off to their swimming lesson this morning so I have my blissful hour of time to myself. Kaisha loves swiming lessons and is getting braver all the time. She now goes under a lot and sometimes tries to swim and jumps into the pool, with lots of encouragement of course!
Nick and Kaisha with her hair in bobbles - so cute!

Kaisha had her first haircut yesterday. The bribe was a lollipop (sucker for the Americans). I did take the camera but we ended up with her sitting on my knee and me singing nursery rhymes to keep her calm so no photos were taken. It was just a trim of the ends because they were so scraggly and tended to knot really badly. It now looks curlier that ever! She has never had a lollipop and as we were walking to the car after she said to me in frustration "I can't eat it mama". So I had to break it up so she could eat it. Don't think we will be giving her one of those for a while yet.

This is a photo of Kaisha cooking. Yes her stove is the rubbish bin and the food is prawn crackers from the thai takeaway place. I have really cute video of this so will try and remember to buy a cord so I can download it.

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SOOOOO cute!