Sunday, July 25, 2010


Kaisha had her first friend to sleep over this weekend. Her and Reuben had so much fun together, highlights were:

  • Going through the new tunnel under the Brisbane river on the way home. They were so excited.
  • Playing with balloons, they had the whole packet strew around the house and there was a lot of spit involved.

  • Lying in bed giggling together. We actually made them sleep in different rooms. Otherwise no one would have had any sleep!

  • Seeing two head bent together in the sandpit.

  • Having Reuben come up to me and tell me he has a baby in his tummy (it was a ball). This caused Kaisha to have a fit cause she thought he had her doll up his shirt.
  • Watching them play hid and seek, Kaisha hid behind the curtains and refused to look up at Reuben when he found her, cause as long as she doesn't see him, he can't see her.

They were both exhausted by the time Lou came to pick Reuben up and Kaisha slept in til 8:30 this morning which is a serious sleep in for her.

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