Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kaisha is still coughing after 2 months so I decided to take this "weekend" easy. No walking, playdates, shopping or library. Just snugly clothes, playing at home and lots of naps.

As an aside if anyone has any ideas on how to get rid of a chesty cough please share! Its mostly when she lies down to sleep that she coughs. I have her bed elevated and have been putting breathe easy essential oil on her pillow and rubbing vicks on her when she lets me.

milo and biscuits for afternoon snack

"Helping" mum water the garden
Just after this photo was taken she pointed the hose at the sky and then yelped in surprise when the water rained down on her.

rainbow cupcakes.
Its just food colouring, but we had lots of fun and blue lips by the end.
Homemade cream cheese and raspberry danish for breakfast. Recipe is from here. Can't wait to try chocolate next time.
Breakfast with Doggy and Blanky. Doggy has been somewhat superseded by blanky these days.
Cubby's under Kaisha's bunk.
I want to turn under her bunk into a proper cubby as a christmas present. This one was just made with a towel and her blanket but I would like to sew her some curtains with tiebacks and cushions and make it into a permanent little house.

Oh and after our being restful and quiet this weekend on Saturday afternoon Kaisha's nose started to run yet again and by bedtime she was completely stuffed up again. So we had another restless night and to top it all off she has the beginning of conjunctivitis starting this morning. Ahh the joys of daycare in winter.

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