Saturday, July 31, 2010

My First Skirt

I can sew!!! I made Kaisha a skirt on thursday and am very proud of myself. The last time I made a skirt was when I was about 13. First I sewed the right side of the fabric to the wrong side. Once I had unpicked that I sewed the top together. When I finally finished the skirt I never wore it and declared I would never sew again. Well I kept that promise until last year.
I followed the tutorial here and only modified a couple of things. I was making it from 2 fat quarters so I had to have side seams. My lengths were shorter than hers and I will make them even shorter next time as the skirt is a little bit long. Also I made the ruffle part longer so that it would be rufflier.
PS Her hair only looks red here cause of the reflection of the door, its actually brown with blonde streaks.


Matt & Ali Riley said...

Very impressive Mel, looks gorgeous, you are so inspirational with all your artistic projects, I need to make more time!.......

Justin Louise Reuben and Zeke Kliese said...

thats a really cute pics of her mel!

Edna said...

Good morning,
Her skirt is cute, glad you started sewing again. When our girls were small up until they took Home Ec in High School and learned to sew themselves I made almost everyting we wore. I made the boys knit shirts with the ribbing around the neck and sleeves. They were cute and all 4 kids loved them.
Kaisha is getting to be quite a little lady.
Love EB