Thursday, February 23, 2012

Outdoor Games

I don't usually use the backyard much. We have biting green ants, lizards and the occasionally snake (harmless usually) which puts me off. I'm more of an indoors girl I guess, or a sun lounger by the pool girl. But since we left the shade up from Coen's party we have been going out there more. The kids love playing and so far no one has been bitten. Below are a few pic's of playing on the new slide.
Climbing up the slide.

Climbing up the stairs

Meeting at the top

Wheee down we go.

And down she goes, always head first.

"Mama I'm belaxing"

This monkey wants to do nothing but walk.

Usually we find something for him to push.

Kaisha has been saying the funniest things lately. On Sunday someone told her she was very smart and her immediate reply was "that's cause I eat smarties". Tonight she asked Nick if she could marry Coen. When Nick asked why, she said "so I can wear a ring".


Nick said...

Did anyone notice Kaisha was still in her pajamas?

Nick & Mel said...

Nope, thanks for pointing that out. Anyway it was only 8 in the morning.

Caroline said...

I didn't notice either! GREAT pics, Mel! Man, hey are shooting up... Coen is a real boy and Kaisha looking so pretty!

Edna said...

Hi ya'll,
very cute pictures of the children
they are growing up too quickly. I can't believe time is going so fast, maybe we are just too busy.
How are you all getting along? We are doing o.k. Take care.
Love Edna