Monday, March 19, 2012

March Update

Life is so busy! At the beginning of February I started working 3 days instead of 2. That extra day makes a world of difference to my time. I thought I was busy before, now I'm truly busy. Its taken some adjustment but we are getting there. We bought another freezer so that I can cook meals ahead of time which is really helpful. Coen is so exhausted by the time I pick him up from daycare, that he won't be put down. So we arrive home at 4:45pm, I feed him, bath both kids and put him to bed the minute Nick gets home at 6. While feeding and bathing I also cook our dinner so that we can eat at 6:15 so that Kaisha can be in bed around 7. Yes, its very time managed but as long as we stick to the schedule than everyone stays happy. I'm learning to have dinners organised and as pre-cooked as possible. Although I don't like winter I am looking forward to crock-pot meals and casseroles. Anyway below are some of our doings in the last month.
Home-made watermelon & peach ice blocks

Ohh that's a bit cold

Ahh hah I got your phone

Gorgeous girl
A few Saturdays ago we went in to South Bank for a swim. Nick and some of the boys did a bike ride early and the ladies and kids met them later for a swim.
Stop taking photos and lets go swimming!

Stormy skies but beautiful warm temps.

Mmmm sand
The next weekend Anna, Laura and I took the kids down to the Gold Coast for the day. It was gorgeous and the kids LOVED it.
Beautiful beaches

Happy boy


Eating more sand no doubt.

Snuggles and milk with bunny
Cheesy grin
This last weekend we went Camping with Anna and Geoff to Mudjimba. The camp ground was great but the weather was awful. It rained the whole time. Torrential rain for the last 12 hours. We lasted till Saturday night when we discovered that our beds were wet so we packed the muddy, exhausted kids up and went home for the night (it is only an hour away). Then in the morning Nick went back to pack up with the help of a very soggy Anna and Geoff.

Coen slept for 2 hrs on Granddad

Spot the kookaburra

Under the tarp.

Jumping in muddy puddles


Janelle said...

Love all the photos - thanks for posting! xo

Matt & Ali Riley said...

You guys are amazing Mel, adventure filled life even when you are so busy with work, lucky little children!