Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Photos, photos and more photos.

Anna showed me how to upload photos super fast so I will be a bit more regular about uploading photos. Promise! Coen is growing up so fast. I wish I could freeze time and catch my breath a bit.

He loves his baths. I always get lots and lots of smiles and lots of splashing. Especially when Kaisha joins in too.

Kaisha's latest is to pretend she is someone else. Most of the time at the moment she is Angelina Ballerina (a mouse who is a ballerina). I get to be Gracie or Alice and Coen has to be Marco or AJ. And we all have to dance alot. And I hardly ever get called Mama any more.
PJ Tea Party
Kaisha also LOVES Barbies. In fact that is pretty much all she plays with these days. Their names are hilarious. The brunette one is Mummy. The little one is Sister. And all the rest of the blonde ones are Auntie.
Ready to go out

Who you lookin at?

Grandma and Coen

Grandpa and Coen


Big Sister Cuddles

New Baby Gym
One of my friends had twins 7 weeks after Coen. She also has a little girl Maeve who is 2 or 3 weeks younger than Kaisha.
Maeve holding Coen and Kaisha holding Ewan

Clockwise from top: Ewan, Coen and Aila

Bath time smiles

Kaisha loves to create tents and houses. Her latest is to put a blanket over Coen's play gym and make him a tent. Luckily he seems to enjoy it too.
In the tent

Head held high
Coen now loves to make eye contact and have cooing conversations. He is starting to be a bit more controlled with his hands and feet and will try and grab at things. He is also getting heavy! I will have to take a nappy only photo to show you all his rolls.


Anonymous said...

Sooo cute!!! Not long now only about a month...ok maybe two months and we get to see you!! xx Andrea

Nick said...

Dont know how we got TWO cute kids!