Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Photo Update

Your hilarious!
You again.
Sleeping angel.

Making Barbie draw.
My first braid done by Mum.

Kaisha and I had a picnic on the deck this week. It was gorgeous laying in the sun and eating oranges and watermelon. Winter here in Queensland is beautiful. 

Picnic with Mum

"I can hold him myself...mama he's kissing my arm"
Cuddles with Auntie Laura

Coen is growing up fast. He is a very smiley baby although I'm not very good at catching them on camera. He is our little Koala as he loves to snuggle and already cuddles back. He is close to rolling but hasn't made it quite yet. He weighs just over 7kg and is right on the line for the 75th percentile (using his actual age not his corrected age).


Liz said...

Very cute photos. Just love them. Can't till August for cuddles
Grandma & Grandpa

wayne.roxy said...

love the pics of coen smiling!!hes gorgeous!!

arncar said...

He certainly looks a happy cuddly little boy who has a cute big sister!

lew n Merle said...

How cute:-)I can't believe how quickly he seems to be growing!Looking forward to seeing him too:-)Mx

Reon and Andrea said...

Love the photos! Esp. the last one were he looks like he's just cracking up!! Hopefully talk to you today sometime! x